02 Apr

Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms are a chilling reminder of Britain’s darkest days. Beneath the streets of London you can enter the secret bunker used by wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his government during World War 2.

For the six years of the war, from this warren of underground rooms, an army of civil servants, government ministers and military strategists, led by Churchill, waged a round-the-clock war on Germany. It was Britain’s best kept secret and it saved thousands of lives.

On this tour, we’ll see the War Cabinet Room where high-stake decisions were taken, the main Map Room, the hub of the site, and Churchill’s private quarters. Many things remain as they were left in August 1945 when the lights were switched off and the rooms sealed up. As part of the tour, we’ll also visit the museum dedicated to the life and times of Churchill. This tour is suitable for small groups only.